The Role of Parents and Home in Child Training and Personality Development in the Light of Prophet's Biography.

تربیت اطفال اور تعمیر شخصیت میں والدین اور گھر کا کردار سیرت نبوی کی روشنی میں

  • Zumara Iqbal Research Scholar, Muslim Youth University Islamabad
  • Dr. Hafiz Mohsin Zia Qazi Chairman Department of Islamic Studies, Muslim Youth University, Islamabad.


The life of the Prophet has an impact on children's education and personality development, and this study clarifies the critical role that parenting and the home environment have in these areas. The Prophet's life provides a paradigm for parenting whereby the family environment and parental supervision were crucial in helping children develop desirable character qualities. The present study aims to investigate several facets of child rearing, moral and ethical growth, social competencies, spiritual advancement, and the teachings of the prophet. It emphasises, for instance, the importance of behavioural modelling, a loving family environment, and parental participation in forming a child's personality. As parents and guardians, our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) interacted with children in this way, exhibiting knowledge, compassion, and patience. wish to impart morals.These results highlight how crucial it is to incorporate the teachings of the Prophet into current parenting techniques while keeping in mind the changing dynamics of modern society. Parents will get suggestions on how to apply tactics derived from the life of the Prophet ﷺ and create a comprehensive approach to childrearing that incorporates social, moral, and spiritual aspects.Ultimately, this research will emphasise how the life of Prophet Muhammad may still be a source of inspiration for parents navigating the challenges of raising children and developing their personalities, as well as how modern practices can be influenced by the life of the Prophet. Parents may have a major impact on their children's positive development by adhering to the timeless knowledge that arises.

Keywords: Training of Child, Role of Parents, Development of Personality, Role of Quran & Hadith, Role of Society

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