The Effectiveness of Advertising and Its Impact on Consumer Purchasing Decisions

  • Narmeen Ahmad Assistant Professor at University of Peshawar


Advertising exerts influence on a certain audience, which can include individuals who watch, read, or listen to the advertisement, prompting them to buy a product, gain knowledge, use a service, or take part in some other activity. The aim of this study is to enhance comprehension of the connection between the attitude and behavior-based components of consumer purchasing behavior and the emotive and environmental response as separate factors. To achieve this objective, the study employs data obtained from a sample of 200 individuals residing in the Pakistani cities of Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, who were reached through telephone interviews. Upon doing a more comprehensive investigation, it was shown that the characteristic that has the most robust link with consumer purchasing behavior is the affective responses displayed by customers towards the things they have obtained. Preliminary findings of the study indicate that the variables are correlated in a traditional manner. Consumers are more inclined to engage in buying products from brands that they have an emotional attachment to. This study offers innovative insights on customer buying behaviors in several cities of Pakistan's local markets.

Keywords:  Environmental response, Emotional response, Consumer buying behavior.

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