Publication Advertisements: Content That Is Animated and Engaging

  • Muhammad Shoaib Khan Lecturer at University of Peshawar


This study examines how evocative text influences two specific aspects of the attractiveness of print marketing. These appeals focus on examining the variations in the intensity of visual images that individuals constantly encounter. The impact of vividness on persons' self-reported visual imagery in informational advertisements for functional products is significant. This conclusion is substantiated by the fact that vivid dad elicited a much more positive brand sentiment compared to pallida. However, the responders' low VVI was not affected by the excellent material. However, it is important to note that the use of vibrant material enhanced the way consumers perceived a brand when it was used in transformative advertising for experiential items, regardless of the variations in how individuals mentally visualize images. This is likely because advertising that display remarkable transformations evoke vivid mental imagery in the minds of all viewers.Based on the results of the two studies, advertisers are recommended to use dynamic and engaging graphics in print ads that aim to bring about a change in the viewer's perception. On the other hand, for print ads that aim to provide information, advertisers should use clear and vivid written language. The advise is based on the results of the examinations.

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