A Thematic Study of No Lakhi Kothi

نو لکھی کو ٹھی کا موضوعاتی مطالعہ

  • Nida Ghaffar MS Urdu Kehror Pacca
  • Dr. Aasma Rani Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, Govt Sadiq College Women University, Bahawalpur


"No Lakhi Kothi" is a moderate period novel. The new generation gets a chance to get acquainted with their past in the sub-continent by reading this novel. On the canvas of Ghulam Hyder and Sudha Singh's family rivalry, civilization, culture, religion, neo-colonialism, post-colonialism, customs, politics, society, lifestyle, and its negative and positive trends of the subcontinent are celebrated in the novel. Two types of sayings have been described in the book. On the one hand, the British imperial style of government has been seen and on the other hand, the characteristics, customs, and other attitudes of the local people have also come to the fore. No Lakhi Kothi is a novel that explores the past of subcontinent people. Since the novelist reflects his era, Ali Akbar Natiq has described the decline of the British Raj before independence instead of his era. The purpose of this article is to highlight the theme of this Novel especially, Migration Partition, Post-Partition Events, economy, socio-economic issues, neo-colonialism, post-colonialism, customs, politics, society, and lifestyle of subcontinent people.

Key Words: Ali Akbar Natiq, No Lakhi Kothi, William, neo-colonialism, post-colonialism, Migration Partition.

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