“Iqbal's Thought and Concept of Women

افکارِ اقبال اور تصورِ وجودِ زن

  • Dr. Sabina Awais Associate Professor Govt. College Women University
  • Saima Tabassam Lecturer FG Postgraduate College for Women Kashmir Road Rawalpindi


In the history of mankind, women have always played a positive role in the construction of the righteous society and its evolution. Iqbal because the founder of Islamic culture and was aware of the fact that according to the laws of Allah. Men and women are the wheels of the family unit without whom the vehicle of life cannot run. Iqbal's review regarding the rights of women is the same as that which exists in Islam. Iqbal has repeatedly mentioned women in his poetry in different ways. He mentions the women with the respect and honor, sometimes in the form of a loving mother, sometimes in the form of a lover (Mehboob), sometimes he praises and praise a women's hard work and courage and sometimes he encourages her towards her education and training. Iqbal believes that it is important for a woman to be educated because she is the women whose existence makes a nation. If she is not educated then the whole nation will be destroyed. Iqbal wanted to create a society where men would guard and protect feminity. We will also talk about all of the above qualities of a women. In a poetic writing somewhere women are praised, somewhere criticized in different ways but Iqbal's thoughts about a woman is totally different, he admired a woman, he appreciate a women and he respect a women because Islam give respect to women. He promoted the education of a women just because he wants an educated nation where people thoroughly study the Islam and understand in a better way. In this article we will talk about the position and status of women in Iqbal's Urdu poetry.

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