Contribution of Lahore College for Women University in the Field of Arabic Language

إسھام جامعة كلية لاهور للنساء في نشر وتطوير اللغة العربية

  • الدكتورة قرةالعين طاهره أستاذة مساعدة في قسم اللغة العربية، جامعة كلية لاهور للنساء، لاهور
  • حنين محمد آصف المحاضرة في قسم اللغة العربية و آدابها، جامعة كلية لاهور للنساء، لاهور


The Arabic language is the chosen language by God and it is the mother tongue spoken by more than 422 million people around the world. It is an official language in more than 22 independent countries. The Arabic language is exceptionally rich and is truly an international language, as it is listed among the languages of the United Nations for communication. The Arabic language department is one of the oldest departments at the university and was established in 1950 by Mrs. Jamila Anwar. Other department heads include Professor A. S. Idris, Professor A.H. Salah al-Din, Dr. Khadija Sarfaraz, Ms. Humaira Munir, and Dr. Samara A. Jalil. The department introduced the teaching of Arabic as an optional subject at the secondary level, and as a compulsory and subsidiary subject at the bachelor's level, and as a foreign language in the computer science program. In addition, in 2011, department started a four-year bachelor's program in Arabic. The department also entered into an academic cooperation and signed a cooperation agreement with the "International Islamic University in Malaysia" in 2019. Some features of this agreement include cooperation in academic and research areas, access to available research facilities and training of graduate students, exchange of information and resources, and promotion of joint publications and other scientific communication. Now, the department intends to start a Master of Philosophy program in Arabic language. This article relates to studying the contributions of the Arabic language department in the field of Arabic language development and dissemination in Pakistani society.

Key words: Arabic language, LCWU, Arabic Department, letter of intent, sub-continent, contribution


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