Patriotism in Iqbal’s Thought

فکرِ اقبال میں وطن پرستی کا جذبہ

  • Neelum Ambreen PhD Scholar (Urdu), NCBA&E, Sub Campus, Multan
  • Nida Munir PhD Scholar (Urdu), NCBA&E, Sub Campus, Multan
  • Rafia Malik Professor, Department of Urdu, NCBA&E, Sub Campus, Multan


Dr. Muhammad Iqbal is one of the great poets of our 20th century. His character and personality and poetry is different affect that he was a great reader and a great poet of the world. He is famous to be thought of Muslim then his starting poetry who has been affected by Hinduism. Iqbal gave the Muslims new awareness with his poetry of the world. The very well-done role in the poetry of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal of his interesting hard work. He was a National Hero of the Muslims. It is of course, that Iqbal was the poet who is always in the favor of Muslims and Islam. He was a great poet and philosopher. He describes to be followed the goal habits and important qualities of Islamic western traditional civilization.

Keywords:       Century, Personality, Poetry, National, Civilization, Philosopher, Muslim, Islam, Qualities.

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